The Cuddly Way To Get Rid of Your Child's Pacifier


What Is Binka Bear?


Binka Bear™ is a special plush toy and simple system to help you and your child get rid of their pacifier without the heartbreak of taking them away. Yes, seriously!

Each Binka Bear™ includes a beautifully illustrated book that tells the story of a kind little bear whose magic comes from your child and the love they have for their pacifier. The loveable plush bear is straight from the book and is where you and your child will put up to four of their favorite pacifiers.

The story of Binka Bear and his friends create a special reason for your little one to pass their pacifier on and it also lets your little one keep them close by without being in their mouth or even in sight!

Binka Bear™ isn’t quite ready yet, but we are sharing more about Binka Bear’s journey on Facebook!

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