Our Story

I suppose Binka Bear came about just as any other tried-and-true child product has before it- born out of necessity and a parent’s love. Flashback to late 2015 when my oldest daughter was a few months shy of turning three, I found myself torn between knowing what’s best for her- and her tiny teeth- and disturbing her comfort zone (and our precious sleep!) by taking away the one thing she was truly attached to- her pacifier.

Sure, we had been weaning her down for months, yet as that next birthday quickly approached, I knew it was time to cut the cord- except for one major problem.

I knew this would be a battle for the ages if I couldn’t find a way to ease the transition.

And from there, Binka Bear was born.

Like any loving parent, I found a happy compromise that both my little one and I could agree with… and as it turns out, it’s become a blessing to more families than just our own. Now, two years later- our daughter’s pacifier is still safely secured inside our very own DYI bear- well before Binka Bear ever truly came to fruition. Now, our youngest daughter is happily following in her big sister’s footsteps, preparing herself to give Binka the magic he needs to frolic and play as her days with her pacifier are coming to an end.

Today, your children can give their very own bears the gift of wonder and love, as they use our bear and storybook to easily wean from their pacis, once and for all- a milestone that can otherwise be traumatic and difficult for the whole family.

Together with our team, I’m so thankful that my own journey has led me to create this one-of-a-kind experience for your family to now embrace and enjoy. Through the whimsy that is Binka Bear, our children will always be only a hug away from the comfort they need- and the peace of mind we all could use a little more of.

With Love,


Inventor & Co-Founder

Fun Facts About Us


Inventor Kaitlyn Pierce tossed around the idea of Binka Bear for almost two years until her entrepreneurial spirit finally said “ENOUGH!” and she quickly got to work on her plans to introduce families around the world to Binka Bear.


Kaitlyn first found and followed Binka Bear & storybook illustrator, Julie Edwards over a year before she ever began working on the project.


Binka is just ONE of many planned characters children will come to know from the magical village of Willowsprings.

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