How it Works

Step One.

You’ve made the decision: it’s time for the pacifier TO GO! What now? Introduce Binka Bear and use the attached Prep Guide to begin preparing your little one (and yourself) for losing the paci.

Step Two.

Set special time aside to read “Binka Bear and The Magic of Willowspring” to help your child discover how Binka must wait for his magic to arrive- and how only your child can help make it happen.

Step Three.

Watch as your child excitedly shares the magic with Binka Bear by sealing the paci within his or her new best friend.

Using Binka Bear – Delilah’s Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What Comes With My Binka Bear?

Included in your purchase is the plush character Binka, a Prep Guide to getting you started on the process of weaning your child off of the pacifier, and the magical story, "Binka Bear and the Magic of Willowspring", which will help lead your child through the journey of how Binka Bear gets his magic through your child sharing his or her beloved pacifiers.

What Age Should I Introduce Binka Bear?

Binka Bear can be used as soon as you feel your child should begin weaning off of the pacifier. While every child is different, there should be a level of understanding for the process to make the bear and accompanying story as effective as possible.

That being said, pediatric dentists recommend limiting the pacifier by age 2 and eliminating it completely by age 4 to avoid future dental issues.

Do We Need to Read the Included Book First?

It is highly recommended to read (and enjoy) the book first since it provides the foundation and explanation for why giving up the pacifiers will help Binka Bear to get his magic.

How Should I Care For Binka Bear? Is It Washable?

Binka Bear is similar to other stuffed animals in that it is completely machine- washable and dryer friendly on gentle settings.

Is This Product Safe For Kids Of All Ages?

YES! Binka Bear is a soft and cuddly plush toy that is completely safe for kids of all ages. There are no loose or detachable components of this product, allowing young children to safely hug and cuddle as often as desired.

As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics it is NOT safe to let a child under 12 months old sleep with any soft bedding or toys, however.

How Many Paci's Fit Inside Binka Bear?

Binka Bear is uniquely designed to fit 2 pacifiers in total- 1 in each of his hands.