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Binka Bear comes with a beautifully illustrated rhyming storybook and includes a lovable plush stuffed teddy bear with 2 hidden pockets, one in each hand, that allow your child to give their pacifiers to Binka Bear and the parent to permanently seal them inside with the easy to use laces. The storybook tells the tale of the magic Binka Bear and his friends get when a big boy or girl is ready to share their pacifiers with him!

The book includes a special letter waiting at the end of the story with delicate instructions to follow, every child learns that only they hold the power and love necessary to help deliver Binka his magic- of course, through the caring act of giving up their treasured pacifiers.

Comforted by the understanding that their pacifiers are still close by and able to be felt and squeezed in his hands and feet, children of all ages are excited about their gift to Binka and the adventures ahead.

Making sure your little one to successfully weans from the pacifier with the help of Binka Bear is our priority which is why each bear includes an easy to follow prep guide with tips to follow to help prepare your child for their own Binka Bear.


  • 1 Plush Binka Bear
  • 1 Hardcover Storybook
  • 1 Preparation Guide

DISCLAIMER: Binka Bear is a tool, he is meant to make a challenging and emotional milestone easier by giving your little one some control of the situation, removing the caregiver as the one who is taking the pacifiers, and empowering the little one to give their pacifiers to Binka Bear themselves. That way, when bedtime or naptime comes around you can focus on where Binka Bear will sleep, what blanket he will use or what magical things he will do when your child wakes up instead of trying to explain where their pacifiers went. We do not claim to be a magical toy that will remove all tears in every case as every child is different, but we do know in more cases than not Binka Bear will make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone and create a very special keepsake in the process.

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3 reviews for Binka Bear

  1. Jessica Bryant

    Binkabear is such an innovative child centered way to help children transition away from the pacifier. I love that it validates the child’s connection to the pacifier as a comfort object and provides a unique way to have the pacifier close but no longer in their mouths. Comfort objects are an integral part of sleep routines in young children which can often be disrupted when transitioning away from a pacifier. I love being able to recommend Binkabear to my clients as a tool to set their child up for a successful transition away from the pacifier!

  2. Jackie G.

    Binka Bear and the story are both so cute and such a great idea! The bear is soft and high quality. The story book is so beautiful. This is a great tool to help your child get rid of the pacifier. My kids love it! Worth every penny to get rid of the pacifier easily.

  3. Taylor Staubach

    We received a Binka Bear as a gift from a friend at just the right time! Veda was 2.5 and used her pacifier all day and night. She was super excited to read the wonderful story and help give Binka bear her magic (she insisted it be a girl 😂).

    We read after nap that day and put her binky in the paw. She did ask for it a few times throughout the rest of the day but all it took was a reminder of where it was and why and she quickly scooped Binka up and got on with her day. There were a few tears around bedtime but our girl LOVES stuffed animals so swapping out her pacifier for a cuddly bear was surprisingly easy!

    We re-read the book that night to remind her that she was doing something special. You will not believe how easy it was! One night. That’s it! B free after ONE NIGHT! After struggling with our 1st born for weeks, I was ready for another round of tears and fighting, but this method hands-down worked flawlessly for us! Thank you so much for creating such an incredible product! Every parent dreading “bye-bye binky” day NEEDS a Binka Bear! Easily one of the best gifts we’ve ever received.

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